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An accountant is a person trained in ways of being responsible for storing and interpreting financial records. Many accountants are accountable for an extensive range of activities related to finance. This can either be for a specific client or a comprehensive business and organizations offering work to them. Accountants have a legal duty to be honest, and avoid negligence in everything they do. They are supposed to ensure that all their clients’ financial records are tallying with the necessary law and regulations. Accountants serve very important roles in whatever business, be it wide or small. They use numbers and financial statements to understand the company’s, organization, and people’s health. Therefore a List or Directory of Accountants is useful to anyone supplying to the same.

What are the duties of accountants?

  • Ensure that there are accurate financial documents and their compliance with pertinent laws and regulations.
  • They make and maintain essential financial reports.
  • They prepare tax returns and making sure that taxes are paid well on the expected period.
  • Accountants evaluate financial operations, advise the perfect practices, point out issues, and develop remedies that will help the organizations run smoothly.
  • They also provide direction on cost reduction, improvement of revenue, and profit maximization.
  • They carry forecasting and risk analysis assessments.
  • They interact with auditors from outside and from internal in completing audits.
  • They make the staff, vendors, and clients understand well the billing invoices and accounting policies.
  • They create profit and loss statements together with each month’s closing and cost accounting reports.

An Email list of accountants enable supliers to customize their marketing strategies to outstretch the correct audience and attain high sales. The email list of accountants usually contains all the names and full contact details for the accountants. The mailing list will help you in reaching the company or even a personal accountant. Directories and Email lists of accountants have contained all certified accountants’ names with their full names, address, email address, telephone number, and any other important information you may be interested in knowing. You can use the information offered to reach them by sending a mail or call. The four types of accountants targeted by the mailing list include the public accountants responsible for providing accounting, auditing, and tax. The management accountants are responsible for tracking company income and how the company uses money. The third type is the government accountants, who are obligated to track the government’s income and spending. Lastly, the internal auditors responsible for double-checking to ensure every accounting is the right procedure to be followed.

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