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An architect is an individual who designs new buildings and ensures that they are built well. This word can also mean anybody in charge of achieving a plan or an aim. The architect is a professional and skilled worker, so they must be trained. They are highly trained in building designs. As we all know, buildings are an essential part of human living. We spend our time inside these structures, and we evaluate them in terms of how best they serve the purpose.


Duties of an architect

  • Apart from building design, architects help in advertising their firms and get new business contracts.
  • Architects operate small businesses and manage other employees.
  • These architects also budget for, take charge of, and supervise projects.
  • They effectively communicate with clients to construct new buildings that satisfy the needs of the client.
  • They fulfill zoning regulations and building codes.
  • Architects outline their ideas into design drawings and documents.
  • They incorporate details like electrical, plumbing, and mechanics into the building design.
  • Get approval and permits from regulatory boards.
  • Safeguard the well-being, welfare, and safety of the occupants of the buildings.
  • Architects also collaborate with constructors during the construction of the building.


Types of architects

Technical architect

They are responsible for planning the building and ensuring the successful construction and functioning of the building. They are the ones that give drawings and take part in administration.

  • Design architect

They are in charge of the overall design of the project. Their role is to interpret the client’s desires, analyze the construction site and its environment, check the cost, and then design the building with these factors in consideration.

  • Project manager

Constructing new buildings is a complicated project. The project manager makes a work plan and coordinates the different members of the construction team.

  • Interior designer

This one plays a key role, the one that shapes the living experience of the occupant. They mostly determine the arrangement of walls and doors; they choose furniture, lighting fixtures, materials and finishes, design lightings, and place power outlets. All this is done while considering the building codes and the client’s needs.

  • Landscape architect

They are in charge of the outdoor spaces like gardens, lawns, parks, and other structures within these spaces. They require skills like planting design, water management, and sustainability planning.


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