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When you are having teeth problems, you will need a dentist to look at it. Dentists are surgeons who specialize in dentistry. They deal with the identification, prevention, and cure of dental diseases. Dental diseases are diseases that affect the oral cavity where the teeth are located. Dentists help to provide oral health services like teeth whitening, tooth filling and removing tooth plaque.

Dental specialists determine and treat issues to do with patients’ teeth and gums. They offer encouragement and direction on handling the teeth and gums and eating routine decisions that impact mouth hygiene.

They use different equipment for different tasks. For example, mouth mirrors, drills, x-rays, brushes, forceps, scalpels, digital scanners, and many others.

Types of dentists

  • General dentist these

Dentists do regular teeth cleaning and routine dental tests. However, if you need services that a regular dentist can’t provide, he will refer you to other types of dentists.

  • Orthodontist

A dentist who specifies teeth and jaw alignment. They use wires, braces, and other devices to perform this task.

  • Periodontist

They help to treat and repair diseases affecting the gums. A periodontist will offer treatment for damaged gum tissues and advanced gum disease.

  • Pedodontist

Deals with dental treatment and care for youth and children.

  • Endodontist

They deal with issues of the tooth nerve. When there is tooth decay around the nerve, they can perform a root canal.

  • Prosthodontist

Deals with repairing teeth and jawbones. They perform cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of the teeth. This includes teeth veneer and whitening. They also put dentures, bridges, and crowns.

  • Oral surgeons

Treat oral diseases affecting the teeth and jaws. They perform surgery and work closely with ENT specialists.


It’s important to see your overall dental specialist once every year – for teeth cleaning, however, for an assessment that guarantees your oral wellbeing. Accepting an expert assessment will assist you with overseeing common issues before they become critical. See your overall dental specialist quickly in case you’re encountering any torment in your mouth.


An email list of dentists, also known as a dentists’ mailing list, gives you direct email marketing advantages as a dental surgeon. This email list of dentists helps you run a successful business through marketing campaigns.

It helps you to network with potential clients. If you are a business person specializing in providing dental products and services, then the list will help you get the customers to sell to. The list contains their addresses and contacts so that you can communicate with them.

Networking like this through a mailing list goes a long way to ensure both parties/ partners are happy with their transaction results.

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