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Email List, Directory and Database of GARDEN CENTRES

A garden centre is a store that sells plants related products that are used in domestic gardens as a primary business. A good garden centre usually has a café which serves as the biggest attraction. In most of them, the plants are usually purchased while some are planted. A good number of these centres began as a market garden or a nursery then, later on, grew into what it is now. It is developed from a plant nursery having a large range of outdoor products and various on-site facilities. It is normal for garden centres to get their stock from plants cultivated from a different place like specialist nursery or wholesalers. Many individuals who have purchased horticultural products usually acquire them from the garden centres. This is attracted by the relaxed atmosphere and various things available on the site.

A garden centre sells plants, fertilizers, compost, tools and landscaping products like garden ornaments and furniture. Many garden centres have diverged into selling goods related to camping and outdoor activities. A garden centre gives you more product and services than the traditional nursery that functions mainly in the plants’ retailing. It offers the garden and garden furniture supplies, buildings used for leisure, products meant for pets, and keeping of fish. Any time people need any gardening equipment, they will search for the nearest garden centre. You may need to plant a row of potted plants on your windows and even replant the kitchen garden in the backyard; the garden centre will be very key at this point.

The use of the email list of garden centres can enable you to connect with every garden Centre in a particular location perfectly. They will assist you in marketing your product and services. Email list of the garden centre has additional information that can help you divide the database into various segments. This will make you be able to identify and address your intended customers perfectly. You do not just have to express to your customers how good your product is; you can utilize this information to tell their unique qualities and know-how to deal with various issues. The email list of garden centres will help you in the advertisement of how good your products are. You will be offered with a list of potential buyers that share your passion for gardening. After that, you can group the prospects and go to each customer interested in a particular product. You can easily turn leads into paying clients.

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