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Number of Organisations: 1,699* Every record includes at least one email address.

Total Number of Email Addresses: 3,919* – More than one email address at each business is often provided.

Note: All email address domains in the List match the Organisation’s website domain. Free type email addresses (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc) as well as email addresses at telecoms services (such as BT, Virgin, Talktalk etc) are NOT included in this file.

Website Addresses: 1,631*

Records with a Full PAF Verified Postal Address: 87% of records

Telephone Numbers: 94% of records

*total number of unique records

All email addresses were last checked during October 2021.


View 100’s of example records to understand exactly what information fields are included:-

Full email addresses are made available to List purchasers but are not shown in this publicly available screenshot video. All Information fields are shown in the Video, no other fields or other types of information are available.

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**Approximate Percentage of Records in each UK Region:-


London and South East England – 44%
Midlands – 15%
Northern England – 19%
Northern Ireland – 2%
Scotland – 8%
South West England – 9%
Wales – 3%

** These approximate regional figures are not constantly updated and are based on historical data.

Golf Clubs And Courses in the UK
If your business supplies products to golf clubs and golf courses, buying our email list is the easiest way to spread brand awareness and increase profits.
A Directory of Golf clubs and golf courses in the UK
About 8 percent of the golf courses in the world are located in the United Kingdom. The country also has the highest volume of registered golfers as compared to other European countries. The golf industry operates golf courses and clubs with recreational and dining facilities. These establishments provide golf instruction, food and beverages, and golf equipment rental. Golf courses may be private, public, semi-private while they can be a part of a private country club.  According to Statista, the U.K. had 1,888 official golf courses in 2018 and many are listed in our database of golf clubs.
Why does your business need an updated email list of golf clubs and golf courses?
Most businesses rely on email marketing to build their client database, promote their products and enhance sales. As compared to other paid advertising channels, email marketing is cost-effective and offers a high return on investment (ROI). Customers prefer to receive information about offers and products through emails. Personalized and engaging emails have high open rates and click-through rates, giving you the best return on your marketing investment.
Building an accurate email list of golf clubs and golf courses is vital for the success of your email marketing campaign.
If your business manufactures or supplies any of these services or products, APC’s email list of golf clubs and golf courses is just the tool you need.

  • Signages
  • Tees
  • Golf flags
  • Hole placement markers
  • Specialist greenkeeper tools
  • Irrigation products
  • Putting green
  • Course furniture
  • Ball washers
  • Shoe cleaners
  • General tools
  • Hole cups
  • Litter bins
  • Golf course architecture consultation
  • Turfgrass
  • Food and beverages

Top features of APC email list of golf clubs and courses

  • 1,500+ organisations with at least one verified email address while many businesses have more than one email addresses
  • 4,000+ email addresses
  • Email addresses of gold clubs match the website domain name
  • 1,695 verified websites
  • 87 percent of records contain PAF verified postal address
  • 94 percent of records contain telephone numbers
  • Easy to download email list in CSV format that opens in Excel
  • Use the list as many times as you want

Our streamlined process of email compilation begins with research. We employ search engine techniques and go through conventional mailing lists and relevant business data. Our dedicated research team scours through the web to find each business related to golf clubs and golf courses. Once they find a business, the team visits the business website to verify details such as their business activities, email address, business address, and telephone number. Many of our lists include PAF verified postal addresses.
Every few months, we send a test email to verify if the email addresses in our database are still valid. We delete any addresses that bounce and update the record. The ongoing process of validation ensures the bounce rate is very low for the emails in our database of golf clubs.
With a high-quality email mailing list of golf clubs and golf courses in the UK, you can go ahead and design a smart marketing campaign to build your brand and boost sales.

General information concerning golf clubs and courses in the UK

The benefits of using an Email Mailing List of Golf Courses and Clubs. If you are a business who supplies goods and or services to golf Clubs and courses in the UK and you are thinking of expanding your clientele base then there is no better way of accomplishing your goals than using the email list of golf courses and clubs.

We are the number one providers of email lists of courses and clubs all over the UK and also in the USA. In fact, this list introduces you to 1000’s of new potential business contacts that might actually help you to build more business and boost your profits in the process. This is because this email list of courses and clubs has been painstakingly researched so as to ensure that all the contacts are accurate and up to date.
Furthermore the Golf Courses and Clubs email mailing list contains the address contacts of courses and clubs located all over the United Kingdom. It is for this reason that the list prides itself as being the best in the industry. The email list is easily available via a download link at very low cost.  The information contains the organizations website address, snail mail address and the regions in the UK where the Club or Course is located. Within minutes of payment confirmation the csv files containing the contacts will be sent to you via a download link. The email list does also provide snail mail street addresses although we have focused most of our efforts on obtaining accurate email mailing address data.
Courses and clubs operate with golf programs including recreational facilities, social events and dining. These organizations frequently provide beverages, food services, golf instructions, and equipment rentals services. Courses can be private, semi-private, public, or a portion of a country club.
Majority of the private courses provide elite services with a wider selection of amenities. A typical club is supplemented with clubhouse with locker rooms, fitness equipment, spas, dining areas, halls, and banquet rooms. An Email Mailing list of Golf course and Clubs will allow you to meet new people, as well as creating a network for your career and business activities.
UK List Golf Clubs and Courses
What You Should Expect from  Email Addresses of Golf Clubs and Courses
Mailing List of Golf Clubs and Courses
You may know that private membership in golf clubs is best for you. But the problem is, how can you become a member of a certain club? Finding some guidelines in joining these clubs is very important. Each club slightly differs from the other.  So you might need a list of email addresses at golf clubs
Just do your homework. Study the situation carefully to figure out why there are a lot of lists of golf clubs and then you can deal with them easily. To get some information, visit some club websites.  Start reading some reviews online or ask some golf players you know in your neighborhood.
Once you have joined one of the golf clubs from the database, you’re starting to hone your skills as you take part in their lessons. If you’re happy with playing golf, you can further improve your skills. It’s worth considering a lesson from a PGA expert. Grab the ultimate benefits from their lessons if you’re a beginner or an intermediate golf player. Credible golf clubs in the directory have PGA experts and they can guide you and teach you helpful techniques. 
Becoming proficient with these techniques is your way to do well with the challenging hole in the course. Aside from this, you have the chance of enjoying top schedules allowing you to practice golf at your convenient day and time.
The History of Golfing
Golfing began in the coastal regions and were mainly links. The first and initial discovery of golf originated from people playing it on sand dunes and the slacks. The ground was usually covered in grass and the surface faced the wind and the water body that could be the sea.
The Nature of Courses
There are different types of courses depending on ownership. For instance, they can be private, public, having municipal ownership and even it can be a pro shop. The private ones are usually at the country clubs and are more expensive and worth every time spent with a group of people or individually.
The Layout of Golf Course
The design of a golf course depends on the landscape and the type of architecture involved in making the place presentable. It depends on the typical number of holes and the par values they follow with the tee boxes being close as much as possible. Many golf courses consist of close to three to five holes depending on the whole size. The holes are distanced depending on gender and mostly for women are usually smaller and the distance is closer compared to men’s.

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