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When your priority is to grow your client base as a supplier of real estate products or services, you can rely on the power of email marketing.

APC’s email list of estate agents helps you realize the potential of email marketing.

Top benefits of email marketing with an accurate email list

Affordable: The key advantage of using email marketing is its affordability as compared to most mainstream marketing channels. With an email, there are no postage, print, or delivery charges nor are there time-bound charges related to exposure time on television channels or billboards. While there are overheads related to sending thousands of automated emails at a time, these costs are relatively lower as compared to other marketing channels.

An engaged audience: Mass advertising channels such as TV are a form of ‘push’ marketing where the marketer pushes out messages to a wide audience base. The advertiser can only hope to catch the attention of those interested in their offers. The other way is to send unsolicited marketing emails to a long list of subscribers. This is likely to annoy the recipients who are not interested in what you have to offer. Moreover, they are likely to flag your email as spam or block you altogether. When you use APC’s email mailing list of estate agents, you can be sure of sending out messages to only those who are interested in your services or products.

Send personalized messages: Depending on the niche area the real estate agent or firm specializes in, they are looking out for specific offers or services. Sending the same marketing email to every customer will also be counterproductive. Email marketing offers the best results when recipients are segmented based on location, previous purchase history, or other factors. Segmenting the email list helps design personalized campaigns and send the most relevant marketing messages and offers.

Optimum ROI: In the UK, businesses have traditionally spent as much as 11 percent of their revenue on marketing. In 2019, 81 percent of businesses aimed to increase their spend on digital advertising. For all types of businesses, getting a high return on their marketing investment is a priority.  An email marketing list of Estate Agents has been shown to offer £35 per £1 spent. The high ROI is the reason why most businesses rely on email marketing to drive sales and business growth.

What does APC’s email list of estate agents include?

  • 13,000+ verified email addresses of estate agents. Many businesses include more than one email address.
  • 5,000+ businesses with at least one valid Estate Agent email address.
  • The email addresses in the list match the business’s website domain.
  • 4,700 +websites
  • 96 percent of records have  PAF Verified postal addresses
  • 92 percent of records have telephone numbers

Our GDPR-compliant email database of estate agents is compiled after a streamlined process of research and validation. We send a verification email periodically to all emails in our list and delete the ones that are no longer deliverable.

There’s so much you can do with an updated and accurate email directory of estate agents in the UK.


General Background Information about Estate Agents in the UK, what they do and their business role.

Estate agents work with so many different types of businesses and freelancers. They are part of a profession that is multi-dimensional and has numerous types of clients. Serving the estate agents market can be highly lucrative and bring in huge ROI for your business.

One way to successfully target this market is to use an email list of estate agents, to send across personalized and customized promotional material, which they’ll respond favorably to.

Why get a list of estate agent email addresses?

A ready-made agents mailing list can be immensely helpful in targeting the right people in a timely manner. It can reduce your effort in finding qualified leads and increase the chances of conversion.

The great thing about email marketing is that it’s a lot less intrusive than telephonic marketing. This means there are fewer chances of an estate agent blocking your communication because it “disturbs them in their daily tasks”.

All you need to do is shoot a welcome email introducing yourself and your services to your entire estate agents database and wait. You’re bound to get at least a few who’ll respond to you within a day or two and you can use these qualified leads to market your business in a more personable manner. Please also consider our Email List of UK Architects

Get access to an extensive directory of estate agents

The trick to effective email marketing is having a large mailing list of recipients. Our massive directory of estate agents consists of real estate agents from across the country, who handle a variety of residential, commercial and industrial properties of all sizes and valuations.

At APC Services Ltd, we meticulously search through the web, using a variety of well-known and little-known databases, websites and online communities, collating details about managers. We are very thorough in our approach and we strive to give you all the information you might possibly need, to successfully convert prospective clients.

So, what do you get as part of our detailed email list of estate agents?

  • Completely GDPR compliant estate agents mailing list consisting of limited companies, LLCs and PLCs.
  • Names, email addresses and telephone numbers for estate agents licensed to operate in the UK.
  • PAF verified postal addresses of estate agents’ offices within the country.
  • Details of thousands of businesses available in a single-click download at the extremely budget-friendly price of £145/-.

Our list is constantly updated, with records of any newly licensed estate agent on the web being added to our estate agents database immediately. This ensures you always get the latest mailing list, which you can trust.

If you’d like to see a tiny portion of an example record that we offer, visit our APC Services Ltd website. You can also order your own email list of estate agents from us.

What can you expect from our estate agents database?

We understand that the quality of an estate agent’s mailing list hinges on how much pertinent information is available in each record. Our team strives to ensure that you receive the most updated and thoroughly vetted contact information of estate agents and estate agencies – big or small – operating in the UK. We provide a carefully curated directory of estate agents which contains:

  • Records of over 5,000+  agencies across the country.
  • Over 12,000+ carefully vetted estate agents’ email addresses.
  • More than 4,700 verified website addresses of estate agencies and estate agents with registered in the UK.
  • A bonus .csv file containing records of over 4,000 additional estate agencies in the UK, who are outside the Ltd, PLC or LLC categories.

Our priority is to maintain confidentiality and data privacy. We source only that information which you may need to conduct your daily business and marketing operations or sales outreach programs.

To order your exhaustive email list of agents, visit our APC Services Ltd website today.

What’s special about our email list of estate agents?

The one thing we really pride ourselves on is our ability to get access to the current, in-use contact details of estate agents in the UK. Every email address, telephone number, and website address in our estate agents database is validated before being added to the respective company record. This ensures:

  • You will save hundreds of hours of manpower searching for and vetting the validity of contact details.
  • You will have no email hard bounces and will reach your prospects each time.
  • You will be the first responder to estate agents in need of specific products or services.

Doesn’t that sound great? If yes, get in touch with our APC Services Ltd team to process your order for an up-to-date list of estate agents’ email addresses.

How to place an order for your estate agents’ mailing list?

To place an order for our directory of estate agents, follow these steps:

  • Visit the exact URL pertinent to your purchase – in this case, it is
  • Scroll down the page until you find the “Add to Cart” button and click on it.
  • You will be directed to your shopping cart, where you will need to fill in your company details.
  • Check the Terms & Conditions box and click on the “Checkout with PayPal” button.
  • You can switch to a Credit card once you get to the payment gateway.
  • Download the .CSV file sent to you in your purchase email.

Why choose us as your estate agents database provider?

APC Services Ltd, we are one of the premier email marketing service providers in the UK, with years of experience creating custom email lists that clients need for sales and marketing campaigns. Our email list of estate agents has been created with a lot of care and is fully updated with the latest entries. They are designed to ensure your email marketing campaigns yield successful results each time, every time.

The rapid development in technology has led to some significant changes in the property business. There is no surprise that the majority of the agencies have moved or copied their services to the Web. For more details:



ESTATE AGENTS Email, Database and Directory

When you are purchasing or renting a property, you will need to talk to an estate agent to facilitate the process. Estate agents are people or businesses that arrange the renting, selling, or managing of buildings and properties. Estate agents coordinate with clients to discuss sales and renting of commercial and residential properties.


Duties of estate agents

  • Gather information of the client

The first duty of estate agents is to collect the client’s information. It includes the target area and the client’s budget. They also determine the type of amenities that the clients want in the home.

  • Find properties for sale.

They have to locate properties that meet their client’s criteria. They send the clients home data for review and also inform them of pending listings.

  • Visit properties with the client.

They also accompany their clients on home visits. The estate agents collect relevant information about the home to answer questions about the property.

  • Negotiate sales

Estate agents negotiate price and sales agreements on behalf of the clients. They present the client’s offer to the seller and negotiate the price until they reach an agreement.

  • Oversee leasing activities

They play a key role in leasing commercial and residential properties. Estate agents also handle lease agreements and negotiations with the landlord for their clients.

  • Support marketing and promotional activities

The role of maintaining and expanding their client base through marketing and promotional activities is theirs. They do so by sending brochures, receiving referrals from happy clients, and attending networking events. They may also stay in touch with old clients who may intend to sell their homes, buy another, or relocate to a new property.


When you want to get access to estate agents, you will need an email list of estate agents. The list will help you choose the best estate agents to market to within your target market. It will also be helpful in terms of saving money you would have lost on untrustworthy suppliers.

This list contains:

  • Thousands of real estate companies
  • Estate agents and their email addresses
  • Real estate companies for telemarketing to

The email list of estate agents companies will have the following information in it:

  • The company name and address
  • Company’s postal address
  • Phone number

In summary, estate agents act as links between the client and the seller of a property or a building. The email list of estate agents helps you as the client to choose the best agent that will best serve your needs.

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