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STATE AGENTS Email, Database and Directory

When you are purchasing or renting a property, you will need to talk to an estate agent to facilitate the process. Estate agents are people or businesses that arrange the renting, selling, or managing buildings and properties. Estate agents coordinate with clients to discuss sales and renting of commercial and residential properties.


Duties of estate agents

  • Gather information of the client

The first duty of estate agents is to collect the client’s information. It includes the target area and the client’s budget. They also determine the type of amenities that the clients want in the home.

  • Find properties for sale.

They have to locate properties that meet their client’s criteria. They send the clients home data for review and also inform them of pending listings.

  • Visit properties with the client.

They also accompany their clients on home visits. The estate agents collect relevant information about the home to answer questions about the property.

  • Negotiate sales

Estate agents negotiate price and sales agreements on behalf of the clients. They present the client’s offer to the seller and negotiate the price until they reach an agreement.

  • Oversee leasing activities

They play a key role in leasing commercial and residential properties. Estate agents also handle lease agreements and negotiations with the landlord for their clients.

  • Support marketing and promotional activities

The role of maintaining and expanding their client base through marketing and promotional activities is theirs. They do so by sending brochures, receiving referrals from happy clients, and attending networking events. They may also stay in touch with old clients who may intend to sell their homes, buy another, or relocate to a new property.


When you want to get access to estate agents, you will need an email list of estate agents. The list will help you choose the best estate agents to market to within your target market. It will also be helpful in terms of saving money you would have lost on untrustworthy suppliers.

This list contains:

  • Thousands of real estate companies
  • Estate agents and their email addresses
  • Real estate companies for telemarketing to

The email list of estate agents companies will have the following information in it:

  • The company name and address
  • Company turnover
  • Company’s postal address
  • Phone number
  • Industry code and description
  • Email list of agents’ senior decision-makers
  • And numbers of the workers.

In summary, estate agents act as links between the client and the seller of a property or a building. The email list of estate agents helps you as the client to choose the best agent that will best serve your needs.

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