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A bar is a specialized area that individuals can have fun while taking alcoholic drinks. Its main function is to offer its customers a different kind of alcohol they might wish. On the other hand, pubs serve like a restaurant and also provide alcoholic drinks. Pubs and bars are not the same things; many people tend to confuse the two places. Both pubs and bars offer their customers great alcoholic beverages. Besides alcoholic drinks, a pub will also provide your appetizers, desserts and every type of meal. Pubs and bars have some differences that will make you know which is which;

ü  A bar will always offer different types of alcohol. They will sell the standard beer, whiskey, exotic cocktails, and rum while in pubs; they do not have to worry about that. They have to choose some beers and maybe wine, and this is enough to excite their customers.

ü  Bars usually have their targeted market and restrictions to it. For instance, you will realize there are bars meant for only ladies, bars intended for gays and many others. If you have an intention of targeting a specific community, bars can be your best choice. On the other hand, pubs do not target any audience; they are free for everyone who wishes to visit.

ü  During deciding between a bar or a pub, you must always think about the age of customers. There are restrictions when it comes to serving alcohol in most countries. In a bar, people below a certain age cannot be served with alcohol, and when it comes to pubs, it serves both as a bar and a restaurant. It offers food, and anyone of any age can enter pubs, but they cannot be served alcohol.

ü  Pubs and bars entertainment might seem similar, but there is much difference. A bar is more of thrills, pleasure and drinks, loud music is key, and qualified bartenders and customers will be satisfied. On the other hand, pubs are meant for people who want to sit back and relax enjoying nice foods and alcohol.

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