Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your Lists so inexpensive?

If you have searched for List suppliers then you have no doubt found many of our competitors offering Business Lists at far higher prices than us.

So why are our Lists just so much cheaper?

Well, over 14 years ago our own business model was more or less the same as most of our competitors is now.  We operated from expensive city center offices, we offered telephone support in all the time zones we operated in and all clients were allocated an account executive. Furthermore, at that time we provided a lot of extra, hard-to-find data (and even harder to keep current) such as sales turnover and employee numbers with our Lists that many of our clients simply regarded as too expensive or non-essential particularly when conducting an email marketing campaign.

So in 2009 we completely changed our business model by offering our Lists exclusively online and providing only the type of data in our Lists that most of our clients actually wanted or were willing to pay for, namely; Website, Email and Postal Addresses as well as Telephone numbers. This meant that it became a lot simpler and less expensive to research and then keep this relatively limited but important data up to date. So for example, keeping hard bounces out of our email lists is a straightforward matter when we email those addresses on a regular basis and remove the bounces. (We also use the excellent verification services of who also provide a lot of data on complainers and on email addresses with strict blocking filters) This allows us to offer a 100% No Hard Bounce guarantee and a refund for any email addresses that do hard bounce. Compared this to our more expensive competitors who usually and rather strangely only offer a 95% no bounce guarantee. All the above combined with moving all our basic and tedious research work offshore and moving sales support away from the telephone to email resulted in a huge reduction in our office and staff expenses which allowed us to slash our prices to very economical and competitive levels.

For what countries do you offer Business Lists?

We offer Business Lists for the following countries;


United Kingdom


How do I order?

From the “UK Business Lists” page go to the exact website URL of the list of interest then click on the “Add to Cart” link which is usually at the top of the Home or Introduction page. This link will take you to the Shopping Cart which contains delivery and payment details

How are my data purchases sent to me / Where is my download link?

The List is provided in .csv format (which will open in Excel) via a download link which will be emailed to you as per the details in the Shopping Cart page. The download link will be sent to the email address that you provide in our Shopping Cart. Please ensure that you provide a correct and working email address. If it appears you have not received the download link within the time frame we stipulate in the Shopping Cart then contact us but please first check your spam folder or any other folder that might filter incoming email. Also please ensure that your email system does not block incoming email messages that contain links.

DELIVERY EMAIL ADDRESS For the delivery of your download link in our Shopping Cart please provide an email address that is connected to your established (e) business website domain. If you only use a free type email address such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, Mail, Outlook etc then please ensure you provide your established business website address for our order verification purposes.

What are your Payment Options?

We offer payment via Paypal where you can pay securely with most major credit cards or via a Paypal account. A Paypal account is NOT required if you wish to pay by credit card and you should see the credit card payment option on the first screen after clicking “Check out with Paypal” in our Shopping Cart. (If you already have a Paypal account but wish to pay via credit card you may have to select the option “Continue as a Guest” at Paypal ) If you unable to see the credit card payment option at Paypal then please try and change your browser or clear your cookies as this will usually solve the problem.

The credit Card option does not appear at Paypal after Check Out

When you Check Out from our Shopping Cart you will be taken to Paypal where you should see the Credit Card payment option on the first screen. If not, please continue as a “Guest” to get to the Credit Card payment option. If that Guest option is not shown then your current browser might have collected unwanted cookies from Paypal preventing this payment option from being shown. The best solution is to use a different browser and then try and make the purchase again.

My credit card payment has been declined.

Are you trying to pay with a corporate credit card? If so, some corporate cards as well as certain other cards with no spending limits seem to have restrictions at Paypal’s IPN system (Instant Payment Notification) set by the Credit Card Issuer. You will need to check that with your card issuer. The alternatives are to use another credit card or we can accept a bank transfer which usually takes a couple of days to clear.

Can you send us a VAT invoice?

We do not charge VAT but we will send you an invoice after payment upon request.

Are your Lists “ Opt In”
No, but please understand there really is no such thing as a truly valid purchased opt-in email list. The only valid opt-in list is a list created from contacts that have opted-in to receive details of YOUR products or services. So called “Opt in” lists sold by other list suppliers are usually supplied on the basis that those listed have ‘opted in’ to receive commercial messages via email. This basically means, any message, from any sender! But while some of those listed might have agreed to receive email messages concerning a very specific subject, from a very specific supplier, most never agreed to receive email messages from any other third party. Therefore, if you are offered so-called ‘opt in’ lists from other list suppliers you will need to follow up to see exactly what proof of an opt-in they can provide.

UK and EU customers should also check out the new regulations on “Opt-in” lists which we summarize at

We had bad experiences when buying lists from other vendors. How can we check out vendors such as yourself before purchase? 

Yes, there are a number of poor-quality lists in the marketplace.

Firstly, before buying ANY product or service online especially mailing lists or other digital products we advise you to carry out due diligence via the web prior to purchase. Visit respected sites such as the Better Business Bureau or the Rip Off Report and search for company and product name/type to see if there have been complaints. Do the same via major search engines such as Google – search for company or product name followed by words such as complaint, scam, rip off etc. You will not have to search for long to discover the vendors to avoid.
Please note that many of the bad guys have been kicked off established payment services such as Paypal which are more or less the industry standard for merchants selling digital products. Buying via Paypal offers a great deal of buyer security and they review the accounts of merchants that generate a certain number of complaints and chargebacks. So you might notice that the bad guys often only offer very limited payment options which you should consider to be a red flag. However, should you find other List vendors offering a Paypal payment option then check to see if the Paypal merchant name is in the name of an individual or a corporation or company (Please note that we have been a Paypal merchant since 2008 and that we are a company)

Secondly,  check the vendor’s Business Terms to see if they offer a meaningful guarantee and if their Terms are crystal clear and to the point rather than containing pages of hard-to-understand, ambiguous waffle.  Please read our own clear and easy-to-understand Terms where you will discover the best and most meaningful guarantee in the industry!

Thirdly, please see

Can you guarantee that all email addresses listed are deliverable?

Subject to our Terms, Yes. Please see the Terms page for full details.

How old is all this data?

The last update date is mentioned in Red Type on the Website Home or Introduction page relating to each list.

Do you provide Fax numbers, company sales turnover, contact names or the number of employees at each business listed?

We do not provide any of the above information.

What are the positions of the people with the email addresses? Are they buyers/purchasers, Managers, CEO’s etc

We do not know that information unless it is indicated within the email address provided Eg;


Unless mentioned on the Home/Introduction page of the list in question we do not provide testimonials as we do not wish to give out the names of our customers.

Do I get regular updates to the list when available?

No. Lists are sold on a one-off basis only. Updated lists are offered to previous buyers from time to time at discount rates.

Why do you no longer offer pre-sale telephone support?

We no longer provide pre-sale telephone support and now request that customers contact us by email instead. Last year virtually all customers found the information they require on our websites either without the need to firstly contact us or by firstly contacting us by email. All such email inquiries are answered in a timely manner by one of our managers.
The requirement to properly and expertly answer a tiny number of pre-sale telephone inquiries in all the time zones in which we operate (USA, Europe & Australia) adds significantly to our costs and ultimately these costs must get passed on in the form of higher prices. So instead we would prefer to keep our very reasonable prices as low as possible by responding to questions by email only.
Thank you for your understanding.

Can information in a list be filtered by company type or specialist activities or specific products or services offered ?

Unless mentioned otherwise on the website that is generally not possible. However, please check back to the website/list of interest for more information and view a wide range of sample data.

How are your lists researched? What is the source of this data?

Please see the “Research Methods” via the top menu bar

Does the List contain Contact Names or Job Titles?

We do not include job titles or contact names (although many of the email addresses listed contain a named contact, for example: Please understand you will find it impossible to obtain genuine and up-to-date Lists or Directories with contact names at our price point as the only way to keep such contact names up to date is to telephone the organizations every few months to check the contact information which is obviously an expensive process resulting in finished data which is then sold at far higher prices. Please be wary of any seemingly similar lists at our price point with contact names as the maths simply does not add up.
To see details of the data that our lists contain please see the Home or Introduction Page of the list in question. You can also view a screenshot video on that web page that shows exactly the type of data that is included. As you will see we do not mention that we supply Contact Names or Job Titles.
This point is also covered in the Shopping Cart where the order is placed and in our Terms of Business Point 4

Can we select data by Town, County, Region, or State?

Unless stated otherwise on our websites we only offer Countrywide Lists. However, we do understand that many of our customers only require data from a certain geographical area – that is one of the reasons that we price our country-wide lists as such competitive levels. Therefore we hope that a list purchase will still prove to be worthwhile even if data is only required from a limited geographical area.
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Types of Email Addresses?

Please see

What about duplicate Email Addresses?

It is possible there are duplicate website addresses or business names in each list as we often supply more than one unique email address at each website address but there are no duplicate email addresses in any of our individual lists.
However, if you plan to purchase MORE than one closely related list ( for example; List of Restaurants and List of Bars) in this case there might be a limited number of duplicate email addresses. Contact us for more details, letting us know the lists of interest.

My list file will not download or will not open properly.

File will not download: It might be that the file delivery service was offline for a few moments or there was a break in the connection. Please try it again. If the problem persists then please send us a screenshot of any errors you see.
Also if the Download link has arrived in your Spam Folder please move the e-mail to your Inbox. Then try again and click on the red VIEW FILES icon in the Hightail message and choose SAVE FILE.
We also suggest trying these troubleshooting steps below as workarounds and see if the following will help:
Please clear the cache and cookies, close the browser you’re using, re-open it and then log back in Hightail and download the files.
For instructions on how to clear your cache and cookies, click the link below:
You may also try ruling out the current browser you’re using and try a different one.

File will not open properly: If you have already downloaded the file and it does not open properly then please advise what program you are trying to open it with and if you are using a MAC or Microsoft. A screenshot or errors would also help us to better understand the issue. Many MAC users are unable to open .csv files without all the data appearing in just one column – but we have a simple work around for this problem – just save the csv as an Excel Workbook or request us to do this and send the file to you again. You should then be able to open and read the file without further problems.

I have lost the list I purchased. Can you resend the Download Link?

We urge you to save your list purchases in a safe place after downloading and to guard against data loss by making copies. We can re-send download links but we only keep lists for a maximum of 4-6 months. After that, you will need to purchase the latest version although we can provide a 50% discount if you purchased that list previously.

Can you send us Sample Records?

We regret we do not send out free samples. However, you can view example records on the Home or Introduction page of the list in question. Also, we do provide the best guarantees in the industry regarding deliverability. Please see the Business Terms Page.

How many times can I use my purchased list?

You can use the list as many times as you like.

What about GDPR in the UK and EU?

Please see GDPR in the top menu bar.

Do you support or offer refunds based on the results of email “verification” services?

Please understand that we send an email message to all those listed every few months and then take out the hard bounces. If there was an easier, cheaper and equally accurate way to check our data (such as verification services where an email is not actually sent ) then we would of course be using such a system as this would save us a very considerable amount of money each year.
The reason that we do not use Email Verification services is that after testing many such services they produced VERY different and mostly unreliable results. So we only provide refunds for hard bounces where an email has actually been sent.

My Email Delivery Service will not send out my email messages.

As per our Terms and as mentioned on other pages on our websites such as the “Sending Email” page some email delivery services such as Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, (Mailchimp) SendGrid, Aweber, Vertical Response and others have stricter rules and stricter enforcement of those rules than others. Some services, but not all insist you cannot email to a purchased list and that you can only email out to a “transactional” list – which means you must already have an established relationship with the recipients. Clearly, our lists do not meet that requirement and what some email delivery services will or will not send is beyond our control. If you are unclear on this point please see our Terms of Business for further details but if you need help in locating a suitable email delivery service that will send messages to our lists then please visit:- Email Marketing Tips or contact Clickback the market leader in sending email to a purchased list. For full details see 

We are getting a problem with Bounces.

We are sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing with bounces but please be assured that we send email messages to those listed every few months and then simply take out the hard bounces. Of course data does decay quickly but I would be disappointed if the rate of hard bounces in the supplied list exceeds 5%.
Could you please provide more details on how you are sending out your email messages? Our Terms specify that you should use a professional email delivery service and such email delivery services will provide precise details on the cause of each bounced email and will provide you with a file that contains the bounces with precise reasons for the bounce.
Could you please send us that file of bounces so we can check further?
Also as per our Terms we do give proportionate refunds for Hard Bounces but firstly please advise what type of bounces you are getting please? Hard Bounces or Soft Bounces?.
Hard Bounces (examples: “User unknown”, “Account does not exist,” “domain does not exist,” “mailbox does not exist”) These type of addresses are definitely not going to get delivered and should be deleted from your database. We will always refund for these types of bounces.
Soft Bounces (examples: “user over quota,” “mailbox full”, “blocked**”, “time outs” or a temporary issue with the recipient server, for example if their DNS server is down) These types of bounces are beyond our control. But these types of addresses will usually be deliverable at a later date or deliverable via a different method. Email addresses that soft bounce are still valuable and should not be removed from the list.

Should you be getting an excessive number of bounces then the reason is highly likely to be because your email messages were not sent or were blocked which is a common occurrence with low-cost email delivery services using IP addresses with a poor reputation.

Which email delivery service accepts Purchased Lists?

If you need help locating a suitable email delivery service that will send messages to our lists then please visit:- Email Marketing Tips or contact Clickback who are the market leader in sending email to a purchased list. For full details see the “Sending Email Successfully” page in the top menu bar.