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APC Ltd are the publishers of  the UK Business Email Mailing Lists of Companies hich includes at least half a million leads.  The E-list is comprised of  contacts obtained from the reseaching on the internet, and it covers the UK prospects only.  If you supply B2B products or services, or you wish that you can get new prospects, add more clients into your list or generate improved sales conversion, this is the ideal  e-mail database.  UK business mailing lists are offered at prices starting at  just 95, and in it you’ll find over’s of  commercial e-mail addresses and over three hundred thousand website addresses..  There is no limit to the number of times you can use our Data. Each database of addresses at  UK business mailing lists will be delivered to you through a download link as a  .csv file.  You can also buy smaller number of leads based on business niches – contact us for details.   The list contains site addresses, niche segments, regions of operation and email list contact information.     So in summary, upon your purchase, you’ll get at least  unique email addresses,site domain names, postal address and telephone numbers.All are Limited Companies.

These E-mail Databases of  UK businesses that are limited companies can benefit you in various ways.  One, it helps your business to build a solid list of prospects.  There is no denying that any business is likely to prosper when it has a list of lucrative leads to rely on.  Additionally, the  email list in the UK contains complete email addresses of ready buyers, so it will become easier and very economical for you to obtain sales from these prospects.  Two, the database is also helpful when you want to contact a lot of people within a short time frame.  By using a UK business database, you can create a compelling sales message once and blast it to thousands of prospects within minutes.

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Email Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing: Why Email Marketing Is Better


When it comes to choosing the right platform for online marketing, marketers often get confused. Should I invest in social media promotion, banner ads or email addresses ? That is the most common question marketers ask other fellow professionals to get a good suggestion. Since social media marketing is the current popular trend, some people will tell you that it is unwise to invest in any other form of marketing, but the reality is exactly opposite. The growth of social sites is certainly stupendous, but when it comes to market penetration and ROI, investing in B2B and European email mailing list and databases of ltd companies is still a better idea. Here are some of the valid reasons for using email marketing to promote your business.


Penetration: Compared to social site users, e-mail users are much more. There are billions of people out there who have at least one email account and when you send promotional mails, you get an opportunity to reach them. It is true that you may send the emails to only those who are listed in the email mailing list and databases, but the primary recipients always have the option to forward the mail to their friends. So, eventually, your message can reach more than one billion people in Europe.


Longer life span: A tweet remains visible for only a few minutes, a Europeaan post often doesn’t reach the subscribed fans’ walls, but an email not only reaches in-box, but stays there forever. The recipient can read it immediately or later, but it is never deleted unless the user deletes it. Even after years, a promotional mail can be searched by using the inbuilt search tool in B2B email clients.


Customization: A post or tweet can’t be customized design wise when contacting UK companies. You can change the text, but there is no layout to change. On the other hand, the layout of an email can be changed from time to time to maintain the visual appeal for a longer period and since visual engagement is the key quality of any marketing content, electronic mails always have the edge over social media. Facebook posts can include text, images and videos, but you can’t include everything in one single post. On the contrary, an electronic mail can contain all these three elements.


It is cheap: E-mail marketing is not costly at all. For information on email delivery services click here. Once you have the mailing software and mail list, your job becomes simple. Unlike social media, the rules of e-mail marketing does not change frequently. For Facebook promotion, you need to hire a SMM expert, but electronic mail campaign can be managed without any professional help.


Easy performance measurement: You can measure the success of an electronic B2B mail marketing campaign easily with the help of tracking tools. Information like CTR, open rate, etc. help you gauge the success of your promotional campaign. On the other hand, measuring the success of a SMM campaign is not that simple. Even if you get a conversion rate data, it is not as concrete as email marketing.


It is a fact that email marketing is much more beneficial than SMM. Just make sure that you buy the email addresses, mailing lists and databases  of UK companies from a reputed mailing list seller so that your message gets delivered to the target

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