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* Postal Addresses included where available.

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UK Business Email Lists & Directories that include only Company Email Addresses

Ready-Made Business Email Lists


To comply with GDPR only Company Email Addresses are included in our Lists

The Best Email Delivery Guarantee 

We offer a 100% Guarantee of No Hard Bounces. You’ll receive a refund for any portion of the records that Hard Bounce. See full details of our Guarantee in the Shopping Cart.

Accurate Data at the Lowest Prices

See the About Us page to learn why our Business Lists are many times less expensive than most of our competitors.

Web Researched Lists

All our data is researched on the web by visiting the websites of all the businesses that we include in our Lists. See the Research Methods page.

Regular Removal of Hard Bounces

Every 4 months we send an email message to the addresses in the List and then remove any Hard Bounces from the Database.

Advice on Sending Email Successfully

We provide details of services that will deliver your email messages to our Lists. See top Menu Bar.

Unlimited Usage

Buyers of our Lists can email to those listed as many times as they wish.

Verified Postal Addresses

Most of our Postal Addresses are Verified by a Post Office Licensee which means best possible delivery rates.

Fast Delivery via a Download Link

All Lists are sent via a Download Link shortly after purchase and will open in Excel and other Database and Spreadsheet applications.

Transparent Answers to your Questions

Visit our FAQ pages via the link to find clear answers to virtually every question we’ve been asked over the past 12+ years.

So let’s summarise the main points again!

UK BUSINESS EMAIL LISTS that are Affordable, Accurate, Up To Date and for GDPR purposes only include Cimpany Email Addresses.

We offer verified List information in your target industry.  We make it very easy to buy an email list of accurate company email addresses that puts you in contact with buying prospects! Focus on your target sales audience and get email leads with our lists and databases to make more sales and boost your profits. We offer UK business email addresses that have been custom-built for specific industries. Start finding new contacts right away.

Moreover, for many years we have researched accurate and affordable business email address contacts from a wide range of UK business categories.

Therefore you can buy UK lists of potential contacts that are right for you for your next direct marketing campaign. We provide our customers with first-class data, including email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and website addresses. We offer you a high-quality UK email database to download shortly after your purchase. You can benefit from our ready-made UK Address Lists that are packed with the information you need to start emailing new customers.  Lists for sale are available by industry, allowing you to target the important and specific contacts you need!

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No Hard Bounce Guarantee

We provide a No Hard Bounce guarantee – see the Shopping Cart for full details. We have the world’s best online list-building researchers using our own data intelligence and data sources. With just a  few clicks, you can obtain targeted B2B email lists ready to be linked into your email delivery platform.

Our Lists have multiple functions: Use as a mailing list, an email directory or email database, or as a marketing list of highly accurate business email addresses. Buying marketing information from us is very simple. You will receive a first-class premium database which for GDPR reasons only include Company Email Addresses  that can be used to sell your products or services by email, phone or post.  Connect with new customers right away.

Do you need a quick list of UK business email addresses or an in-house researched database or directory? You need to need to decide to buy or build a business email list yourself.

Are you seeking an accurate List of Company Email Addresses with high sales conversion rates? Then you are in the right place as APC  can help you increase your sales, grow your customer database and increase your profits.

Our business email list solutions provide the chance to grow your business and target new sales prospects.

Buy Company email addresses from us and you will receive the best and most up-to-date data available in the UK.

Read more about the Positive Benefits of UK B2B Email Marketing

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (see the FAQ page via the above menu bar)

Business Email List and Directory

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    How do I place an order for a UK Business Email List or Directory?
    From the "Ready Made List" Index above select a Business Email List of interest. On the next screen click on the “Add to Cart" icon. You will then be able to view the Shopping Cart which contains payment and delivery details.
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    How is the Database of Email Addresses sent to me?
    You will receive a download link to your Database of Email Addresses shortly after payment via email. This email is entitled “Download Link".
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    Can I obtain example records from any of your UK Business Email Databases?
    Free sample data is not available although you can view sample records in the form of a Screenshot video that appears on all individual List web pages where each UK Business Email Database is explained
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    Do you offer Discounts on any UK Business Mailing List ?
    A 15% Discount will be applied automatically when you add two or more UK Business Mailing Lists to the Shopping Cart.  A 20% discount is available for larger purchases.  Send us the names of the Mailing Lists you wish to purchase. We will then email you an invoice.
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    What payment options do you offer for the purchase of a UK Business Email Directory?
    When you Check Out from our Shopping Cart who will be taken to  Paypal where you can make payment  by a credit card or with a Paypal account. See full details in the Shopping Cart.
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    Are all your Business Email Addresses deliverable?
    We provide a proportionate refund should any business email addresses in our Lists Hard bounces. See the Business Terms page for more details.
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    Are the addresses in your UK B2B Email Lists up to date?
    We show the last update date on each individual list webpage. It is always in red type just under the details on the number of records.
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    Do these UK Business Email Lists include Contact Names?
    Job titles or contact names are not included unless they form part of the listed email address ie .  UK Business Email Lists that do contain genuinely up-to-date Contact Names are very much more expensive than our Lists.
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    What is the source of your b2b email addresses and how are the email addresses kept up to date?
    All Business Lists are researched online. Email Address obtained are then submitted to and Invalid and addresses of known complainers are removed .  For more detail see the  Research Methods Page.
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    What about GDPR?
    Please see for more information.
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Web Researched UK Business Databases with Email Addresses

Doing business requires using different types of marketing techniques. You cannot depend only on one marketing method to give you the results you need. Email marketing is now a well-known technique to reach out to the target audience. If you are running a B2B operation, you will need a UK business database of email addresses belonging to the businesses you are targeting. You will benefit in several ways by using the list of business email addresses we provide.

Connect Quickly with the Target Businesses

Gathering a verified Business Email Directory belonging to your target businesses can be a difficult and time-consuming process. If you try to gather this information on your own, it can take several weeks or months. By that time, many addresses may have changed or new ones may have come up. You will face no such issue when you use our latest updated list of B2B email addresses. Simply feed this data into your email marketing tool and connect with thousands of businesses immediately.

UK Business Email Lists for Sale

Even when you find a UK Business Database there are lots of details you have to be certain about. With our Database there will be no such requirement. The addresses you find here have been checked on various parameters. They belong to genuine businesses currently in operation. These business owners are ready to accept marketing content via emails. The right Business Database will make your marketing task easier. You will avoid a long trial and error process. Get a database of business email addresses with the right details on your first attempt.

UK Business Databases

We offer many different UK Business Databases with Email Addresses. . You can connect with thousands of businesses at one go. The more you connect with your target businesses, the more the chance of connecting with some prospective customers. They will contact you soon to know more about your offers. The success rate is very high with our Business Databases. You will receive lots of inquiries because you will be dealing with genuine businesses. These are the businesses you want to target with your marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, your B2B marketing campaign will become more effective when you use a UK Business Email Directory.  Connect with your target businesses quickly, easily and efficiently. The data of this list is not limited to the email address only. Get many other important details related to the businesses you are targeting. Order this list now to boost your direct marketing and lead generation campaigns.

Finally please click here to select a USA Business Email List

Email Validation Services
How to Select a List Vendor
So Called Opt-in Lists

To understand what fields are included see sample records from just one of our Business Email Lists, in this case from our Architects List;

business email addressesUK Business Directory with Email Addresses

Are you trying to make more sales with a UK Marketing List ? Or are you managing salespeople who are consistently having a hard time reaching their targets? No matter what your requirements are, having access to a business directory with email addresses will come in handy.

What is a UK business email directory, and why do salespeople need it?

If you have ever made a cold sales call, you know how difficult it is to find people who are interested in what you are selling. A major reason behind it is the fact that salespeople are often shooting in the dark with cold sales calls and pitches. They have no idea whether the person on the other end is even interested in their niche.

A business directory is an index of businesses with their niches, addresses, email IDs, etc. Think of it as a telephone directory but for businesses, small to large.

But if you have access to a directory with business email addresses, you know exactly what you are aiming for. That in turn would help the sales reps plan according to the prospect and their niche. No matter what sector you operate in, the chances of selling always increase when you know about the customers.

While business directories are not the only tool salespeople have at their disposal, it’s often the most important.

The importance of business mailing lists

In this day and age of social media marketing, e-marketing is often seen as obsolete. The facts, however, tell a different story. More than 60% of small businesses use e-marketing as one of the primary marketing channels. Email marketing continues to be important for medium and large companies as well. With more than 306 billion messages are  sent and received every day, the prospects of e-marketing are endless.

To be more efficient with your email marketing efforts, you need to have a business directory with email addresses. It makes the task easier while ensuring that your pitches are to the right people at the right time.

How to get access to a business directory with email addresses?

You can buy business directories with email addresses online, but make sure that it’s accurate, well researched, and allows unlimited use. These features allow you to make the most business email lists. With a well-researched and in-depth business directory with email addresses, you can take your business to the next level. Finally check out one of our most popular list the uk-church-database 

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