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UK BUSINESS EMAIL LISTS that are Affordable, Accurate, Up To Date and for GDPR purposes only include data on Limited Companies, LLC’s and PLC’s.

Looking for sales leads then get B2B email lists.

We offer verified List information in your target industry.  We make it very easy to buy an email list of accurate addresses that puts you in contact with buying prospects! Focus on your target sales audience and get email leads with our lists and databases to make more sales and boost your profits. We offer UK business email addresses that have been custom-built for specific industries. Start finding new contacts right away.

Over many years we have researched accurate and affordable business email address contacts from a wide range of UK business categories.

Discounts: With the exceptions of Lists marked with a ***, add TWO or more Lists to the Shopping Cart and the total amount payable will automatically reduce by 15%.

View 100′s of sample records from our UK Email Database of Limited Companies, LLP and PLCs:


Buy UK lists of potential contacts that are right for you for your next direct marketing campaign. We provide our customers with first-class data, including email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and website addresses. We offer you a high-quality UK email database to download shortly after your purchase. You can benefit from our ready-made UK Address Lists that are packed with the information you need to start emailing new customers.  Business lists for sale are available by industry, allowing you to target the important and specific contacts you need!
We provide a No Hard Bounce guarantee – see the Shopping Cart for full details. We have the world’s best online list-building researchers using our own data intelligence and data sources. With just a  few clicks, you can obtain targeted B2B email lists ready to be linked into your email delivery platform.
Our Lists have multiple functions: Use as a mailing list, an email directory or email database, or as a marketing list of highly accurate business email addresses. Buying marketing information from us is very simple. You will receive a first-class premium database with targeted sales contacts that can be used to sell your products or services by email, phone or post.  Connect with new customers right away.
Do you need a quick list of UK business email addresses or an in-house researched database or directory? You need to need to decide to buy or build a business email list yourself.
Are you seeking an accurate Database or Directory with high sales conversion rates? Then you are in the right place as APC email lists can help you increase your sales, grow your customer database and increase your profits.
Our business email list solutions provide the chance to grow your business and target new sales prospects.
Buy a database of email address lists from us and you will receive the best and most up-to-date data available in the UK.
The Positives Of UK B2B Email Marketing
UK B2B Email Marketing Database and Directory is a Fantastic Opportunity to Create New Sales.
Do you intend to include B2B email marketing into your current marketing strategy? Are you wondering if it is wise to be investing in UK business email mail lists or in a UK business email directory in 2021 and beyond? Will investing in business mailing lists be useless now that the UK has left the EU? If these are some doubts that worry you – we have the answers. But first, let’s begin by putting your mind at rest with regard to how popular emails are today.
Besides, Emails are still popular today and a critical part of marketing.
Emails generate better results even today than most other marketing channels. But that’s not all. With the pandemic still wreaking havoc on social movement, the most successful way to reach businesses is via an email address directory.
database and a mailing list.
Innovative businesses make use of email platforms that are either free or affordably priced. Creating email campaigns has never been easier. All you require is a reliable UK business email list, and the e-mail automation tool will help you run successful business-to-business campaigns without any direct involvement.
Business to business email marketing is successful in the UK
Also according to the Campaign Monitor’s UK Email Marketing List Benchmarks (2021), most industries experienced increased engagement through their e-mail campaigns in 2020. But as well as that, the ‘unsubscribe’ rates dropped in 2020. That is a fantastic sign that people in the UK are still engaging with emails.
B2B marketers believe in the power of emails
Marketers believe that business-to-business marketing is a critical part of their content marketing strategy. In fact, 40% of B2B marketers said e-mail newsletters were an essential element of the success of their content marketing plan.
Make more profits when you invest in business-to-business marketing.
Besides, if you have a valid business mailing list, B2B marketing can deliver a substantial return on your investment. However, you will have to ensure that you source your business email addresses from a reliable company.
Your business can still derive benefits from B2B email marketing to UK and EU businesses.
Direct marketing practices have not been impacted after the UK left the EU. But there is good news. It is still legal to email business addresses and to send emails of named individuals of UK companies and similar kinds of organizations. The only criterion is that individuals must be given the option to opt-out or unsubscribe from email campaigns.
A UK business email directory made up solely of business email addresses at the domains of limited companies, public limited companies, limited liability partnerships, government bodies, and NGOs is what you want. It can be used successfully for B2B  e-mail campaigns.
At APC, we understand how critical it is to stay compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR when sending out B2B e-mails to UK addresses
Since the UK left the EU, laws regarding sending emails to business addresses in the UK and the EU have not changed. We have considered the rules and regulations that have been put in place since 2018.
We also aim to provide you with a UK business email database comprising business email addresses that allow you to stay compliant with the new email regulations.
According to GDPR, it is unacceptable to e-mail Sole Traders and Ordinary Partnerships. As a result, we have removed all email addresses of Sole Traders and Ordinary Partnerships. When you buy a UK business email list from us is a reliable listing of only addresses of Limited Companies, LLPs, PLCs, NGOs, and Government Bodies that can help you grow your business.
Furthermore, when you send out your e-mail campaigns to our UK B2B email lists, you can still comply with the latest regulations.
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