UK Email List of Garages, Car Repair & Servicing Firms

* All records include Email & Website Addresses.

* Postal  Addresses for 89% of the businesses listed.

*  No Hard Bounce Guarantee

* GDPR compatible –  See top Navigation Panel

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UK Email Mailing List of Garages, Car Repair & Servicing Firms

For GDPR compatibility only email addresses at LTD/LLP companies are included

Do you need to reach out to Garages, Car Repair & Auto Servicing Firms in the UK? Are you looking to expand your customer base, reach more clients and increase your profits?

If so, then you have reached exactly the right place!

We pride ourselves on being the #1 provider of a GDPR compatible Email Mailing List of Garages, Car Repair & Servicing Firms in the UK.

Our List will open the door to 1,000’s of potential new business contacts, and explode your profit potential in the process.

Our painstakingly researched information includes details of 1,000’s of Garages, Car Repair & Servicing Firms with 1,000’s of up to date email addresses mostly with PAF verified postal addresses.

Quite simply, no other UK marketing list of Garages, Car Repair & Auto Servicing Firms comes anywhere close to providing this number of accurate and up to date email address contacts, and at such a low cost.

And if you don’t just want to take our word for it, here’s what Colin Morris at Email Marketing Tips had to say:-


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So if you’d like to expand your client base, promote your goods or services and increase your profits, then take a look at what is included in the List:-

Garage Services that are Limited Companies or other Corporate Organisations such as PLCs or LLPs;

Number of Businesses: 4,180* Every record includes at least one email address.

Total Number of Email Addresses: 5,258*

More than one email address at each business is often provided.

Note: All email address domains in the file match the business’s website domain. Free type email addresses (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc) as well as email addresses at telecoms services (such as BT, Virgin, Talktalk etc) are NOT included in this file.

Website Addresses: 99% of records

Records with a Full PAF Verified Postal Address: 89% of records

Telephone Numbers: 81% of records

*total number of unique records

All email addresses were last checked during February 2024


FREE BONUS LIST: When you purchase this list you will ALSO receive a free bonus .csv file containing the records of over 1,300 additional Garage Services in the UK where we have not been able to confirm the organisation as a LTD/LLP/PLC. Therefore for GDPR compliance we do not include Email address contact details in this Free Bonus file. However ALL these extra and free records include Website Address, Business/Organisation Name and usually a telephone number and a PAF verified postal address but to repeat, unlike the records in the paid for List, the records in this free bonus list do not include email addresses although in most cases the Website Contact page includes an email address or an Email Contact Form. Note: example records from this free bonus file are not shown in the Video below as this is an entirely separate file.

View 100’s of sample records to understand exactly what type of data is supplied:-

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The Best Email Delivery Guarantee 

We offer a 100% Guarantee of No Hard Bounces. You’ll receive a refund for any portion of the records that Hard Bounce. See full details of our Guarantee in the Shopping Cart.

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marketing list

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Email Marketing Best Practices

Email deliverability refers to the rate at which your emails make it to the inboxes of those on the List. It is important to make sure that your email gets delivered or else your audience won’t even have a chance to engage with your content. Luckily, there are techniques that can improve your email deliverability and prevent failures:

1. Authenticate your domain

Sending messages to Email List Garages, Car Repair & Auto Servicing Firms from an unauthenticated domain can tank your reputation. You have to enable Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) or else you might become a victim to email spoofing and get poor delivery rates. Authenticating your email proves to the internet service providers that you have permission to send this email.  But the best solution is to use a professional email delivery service.

2. Maintain IP allocation

As you scale, you will need the right email infrastructure and its best to use the third-party email delivery services as mentioned at   If want to you reach 25,000 emails+ per day, you will need a dedicated IP address. Once you do that, you will have to warm it up properly before sending to the email addresses of Garages, Car Repair & Auto Servicing Firms

3. Start with an Accurate List

Your deliverability rates will depend to some extent on how you acquired your email addresses of Garages, Car Repair & Auto Servicing Firms. It is  best to purchase your Email List of Garages from a reputable supplier who offers a guarantee against Hard Bounces

4. When Using the Database of Garages, Car Repair & Auto Servicing Firms,  Write non-spammy subject lines

Your subject line is what determines whether or not a user will open your email. ISPs now have a sophisticated filtering system. However, it doesn’t mean that you should continue using common spam phrases like “Free!!”, “Risk-free”, “eliminate your debt”, etc. When writing a subject line, focus on the value of your message. Don’t be too sales-focused or pushy.

It is important to note that if your potential clients get value from your email, you will have a high engagement rate. Use the above-mentioned tips to make sure that you have a high email deliverability rate.

Finally, What is the difference between auto repairing and auto servicing?

As a vehicle owner, you should know the difference between auto repairing and auto servicing. Both of these aspects are important for overall performance but have different functions.

Servicing includes regular maintenance like tire rotation, oil changes, battery replacement, brake checks and replacement. Servicing may seem like a nuisance to owners but important to have done. Delaying servicing tasks can result in problems and breakdowns over time. Regular servicing keeps a vehicle running smoothly and prevent expensive repairs. Servicing also extends the life of a vehicle.

Auto repairs are usually required when the vehicle is not working properly or has been in an accident. Repairs include replacing essential parts in case of malfunction or an accident. Not getting regular maintenance can lead to auto repairs. As a vehicle owner, you should take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic so that your vehicle is in good condition.