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Builders are people whose job is to make buildings. They construct buildings and other structures like roads. Builders build homes and also industrial and commercial buildings. They do a lot of machine operating and manual labor. Most builders are self-employed. Some have undergone training in this field, while some are self-taught.


When you are self-employed, it means that you must look for and purchase your construction materials. self-employed Builders are also responsible for onsite clean-up and the safety of their team members.


Those who are self-employed don’t receive wages for their work; instead, they invoice for their work and work under an ABN.


Being a builder involves several advantages and disadvantages as discussed below:


Pros and cons of being a builder.


  • Since building involves a lot of physical work, builders spend a lot of their time outdoors. If you are a person that doesn’t enjoy working in an office all day long, then building could be the work for you. Although, by being outdoors and onsite for a long time, they are at risk of getting injuries. The injuries range from mild to severe, like muscle pull to being hit by a brick.
  • Being self-employed makes you take a considerable amount of risk in business. You either make a profit or a loss depending on the project. Also, being self-employ has its benefits like choosing your own client, what project to work on, and when to work on the said project.
  • Builders have the option of moving up the career trajectory. When their business does well and gets high pay, they can move up the ranks and become construction managers.


If you are looking to find a good builder, you will find good builders on the email list of builders. This list will link you to professional builders in your area. Also, if you are a builder and are looking to market yourself or your business as a builder, you can create a profile for the email list of builders.


It will help you to expand your customer volume through advertising and marketing. The email list of builders is effective because it provides correct contact details to reach your target audience. Customers will locate you since all your details will be displayed there, including your address.


The email list of builders plays a key role in being the most reliable source to reach prospective clients all over the country.


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